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Hydrogen bromide Hydrobromic

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【Purpose 1】
Hydrogen bromide CAS 10035-10-6 is used in the manufacture of various bromine compounds, and can also be used in industries such as medicine, dyes, and spices
【Purpose 2】
Hydrogen bromide CAS 10035-10-6 Used for high-purity extraction and synthesis of bromide, also used as analytical reagent
【Purpose 3】
Hydrogen bromide  CAS 10035-10-6 is the basic raw material for the manufacture of various inorganic bromides such as sodium bromide, potassium bromide, lithium bromide and calcium bromide and certain alkyl bromides such as methyl bromide and ethyl bromide. Hydrogen bromide is used in medicine to synthesize sedatives and anesthetics. Hydrogenbromid HBR is also a good solvent for some metal minerals and is used for the extraction of high-purity metals. In the petroleum industry, Hydrogenbromid HBR is used as a separating agent for alkoxy and phenoxy compounds, and a catalyst for the oxidation of alicyclic hydrocarbons and chain hydrocarbons to ketones, acids or peroxides. Hydrogenbromid HBR is also used in the synthesis of dyes and spices.
【Purpose 4】
Hydrobromic Used in the manufacture of inorganic and organic bromides; also used in the synthesis of spices, dyes, etc.
【Purpose 5】
Hydrobromic Used as an analytical reagent. Determination of sulfur and selenium, separation of tin from arsenic and antimony, determination of bismuth, zinc and iron, alkylation catalysts


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