Research Chemical Powder N-Phenylbenzylamine Benzylaniline CAS 103-32-2 biochemical


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N-Phenylbenzylamine N-Benzylaniline

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Common Name N-Phenylbenzylamine
CAS Number 103-32-2 Molecular Weight 183.24900
Density 1.169 g/mL at 25 °C(lit.) Boiling Point 94-95 °C12 mm Hg(lit.)
Molecular Formula C13H13N Melting Point 35-38 °C(lit.)
MSDS ChineseUSA Flash Point 217 °F
N-Benzylaniline (N-Phenylbenzylamine) is an N-alkyl­ated derivative of aniline. N-benzyl aniline also is a major metabolite of the antihistamine antazoline and other N-substituted benzyl anilines. N-Benzylaniline can be used for the research of various biochemical studies
Molecular Formula: C13H13N
Molecular Weight: 183.2495
Exact Mass: 183.1047994218
Lines: 363
Element Mass Percentage
C 13 85.206%
H 13 7.150%
N 1 7.644%


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