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Is phenibut illegal?

Phenibut is uncontrolled and legal to possess in the United States. Educational efforts to increase awareness among the public and clinicians regarding the emerging popularity and dangers of phenibut might help prevent adverse health effects and outcomes, including death


What is phenibut used for?

Phenibut is widely used in Russia to relieve tension, anxiety, and fear, to improve sleep in psychosomatic or neurotic patients; as well as a pre- or post-operative medication.


How long does phenibut high last?

The duration of phenibut depends on various relative factors, like age, body size, dosage amount and tolerance. In general, however, its primary effects last on average between two and five hours after activation.


Does phenibut help you sleep?

A small dose (250mg – 500mg) of Phenibut generates a relaxed, yet clear and focused mental state which is ideal for productivity. Sleeping after taking a small dose of Phenibut will result in a deep and restful sleep that leaves the user feeling refreshed upon waking up


What does Phenibut do to the brain?

Once phenibut reaches the brain the result is reduced anxiety and social inhibition. Because it depresses the central nervous system (like GABA), it is also used as a mood elevator and tranquiliser. Phenibut is structurally similar to the widely prescribed drug baclofen (Lioresal), which is available in Australia.

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